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Savvy investors know that there’s money to be made in good times and bad. Slowing home sales have wags predicting opportunities in one of the saddest segments of a falling real estate market: Foreclosures here is more information .

For the past few months, analysts nationwide have been touting foreclosure opportunities, in which investors, eager for properties to flip or rent, try to buy them well under market. Though foreclosures have picked up, analysts tracking the trend say the bulk of distress sales are likely in 2007 and 2008, as many adjustable-rate mortgages reset.
Investors should research carefully as they consider getting into the foreclosures market. Keep in mind that doom-and-gloom predictors could be wrong — mortgage rates have actually fallen in recent weeks and the Fed has held off on raising interest rates lately. So it’s possible all but the most strapped homeowners facing resetting ARMs will be able to refinance without ruin.

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